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New Growth

Fast- Track Consultation (15-30 Minutes):

This option is good for acute questions and issues, like dealing with or preventing a cold, or other single, non-chronic concerns. A great option for busy schedules.

Multiple Issue Consultation (30-60 Minutes):

If you have more than one health concern, a longer consultation is recommended to delve a little deeper and help address the issues. 

In-Depth Consultation (60-90 Minutes):

The in-depth consultation is recommended for new clients as it is a comprehensive look at your unique individual health patterns. We will look at your total health history and examine factors that affect your well being like lifestyle, dietary habits, symptom patterns, emotional and physical health, and environment. 

We will discuss your health concerns and work together to create attainable wellness goals.  

Based on the consultation, you will receive a customized wellness plan which will be realistic and well-balanced. This plan will include herbal formulas, dietary changes, supplements to support your health needs, and suggestions of other changes to nudge your body back to a state of harmony. 

All herbal remedies are custom formulated to meet the needs of each specific individual and will be available soon after the consultation. In some cases, products may be recommended to purchase. If you prefer to purchase and blend the herbs on your own, you will receive the necessary instructions to successfully do so. 
The cost of herbs is not included in the session price. Andrea is happy to work with you to come up with an herbal protocol that works within your monthly budget.
Initial consultations can be done in person at the Headwaters Wellness Center, at a coffee shop of your choice, over the phone, or via Skype. Compounded herbs can be shipped.

Gravel Road into the Forest

The best time for new beginnings, is now.

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Cedar and Sage Herbal Medicine, LLC can neither diagnose nor prescribe. All consultations and interactions are to educate and empower clients with the tools needed for their own healing journey. Herbal medicine is not meant to replace a medical diagnosis. If symptoms persist, call your doctor. 

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